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All of our orders are fulfilled by Amazon. The reason being that our consumers will be guaranteed of the safest and fastest shipping times available today. Orders will normally arrive in 2-8 working days. You can contact Amazon for any queries regarding the tracking of your shipment after your order has been placed.
Shipping and Delivery (International):
While we only ship orders to the United States, you have another alternative to get our premium quality products to your doorstep in most countries outside of the United States. You can sign up to companies like, who will give you an American suite to which we will send your products. From there on they will take over and ship the products to your doorstep. For their rates and policies kindly visit their website. Note that we will not be responsible for the order after it has shipped to your suite and the responsibility will transfer to the American parcel forwarding company.
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Ordering through our online store could not be any easier! You will select the product(s) you want to order, click on add to cart and then proceed to checkout. You can choose how you want to pay. 1. Via Paypal or 2. Via your debit or credit card. This is 100% safe and secure. After your order is logged we will notify Amazon, whom will then ship your product(s) on our behalf. 
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